The ECMOTRAINER is a simulation model designed for the practice of the gestures required for puncturing for an extra-corporal membrane oxygenation. The model represents the neck, the torso and the thigh of an adult male patient. It’s a top cover in rigid plastic, whose anatomical shape brings volume and sturdiness to the product. It protects the internal “vascular” system, and can be dismantled from the base by unlocking 4 little hinges, to access to this system. The ECMOTRAINER can be used for an ECMO in femoro-jugular or in femoro-femoral. These two zones
are represented by elements in echogenic soft material with texture and flexibility imitating flesh and soft tissues. These mobile echogenic inserts, set on the cervical and the inguinal parts, are consumable. The usual anatomical points of reference are present: clavicle and sternocleidomastoid muscle for a femoro-jugular ECMO / Antero-superior iliac spine, inguinal ligament for the femoral ECMO. The jugular and femoral tubes, destined to be pierced, are consumable elements. The water tank and the pump that simulate the flow through these pipes, are located in the torso, and can be reached by opening the body cover. It is recommended to use water to simulate the vascular flow, mainly for simple reasons: water is cheap, easy to supply and easy mop up if needed. The density of water will notably ensure an optimal functioning of the pump. Not suitable for use with large-lumen catheters, not for Operation with an ECMO machine!

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