Simulator for training of extracorporeal Oxygenation. This training model features an arterial and venous circulation, both operated with automated pumps which can be adjusted in flow volume and pulsating rate. A real patient can be simulated with all possible conditions that may happen during the procedure. The model is suitable for VA- and VV-ECMO. The puncture and cannulation can be practiced using real materials and instruments. The arteries do have a lumen of 8 mm, the veins of 10 mm. This allows the use of common catheter types without any problems. The puncture pads (one each at left and right femoral puncture site and one at the jugular puncture site) are made of ultrasound capable material. This allows ultrasound control of the needle until it reaches the vessel tube. The Trainer can be used with a real ECMO machine and provides realistic fluid
volume for realistic operation of the machine. The trainer also has contact points for 4-lead ECG. The contact points can be connected to a ECG simulator (not included). The veins also do have connectors for flow rate measurement.

Because of the big diameters of the common cannulas big puncture holes are left after withdrawing the cannula, so the simulator has an integrated tube management system that allows the replacement of the vessel tubes within a few seconds and avoids the loss of precious training time due to vessel replacement. The tubing reservoirs are integrated into the models base invisibly, the base also works as lower part of the transport case with trolley rollers. The water reservoir and pump system are separated and can be connected to the trainer easily by quick lock connectors.

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